The native environment of Windermere Island abounds in natural beauty. Tranquility is ever-present, emitted by the rhythm of the sea over unspoiled shores. Private pink sand beaches stretch over the edge of land and sea. Endless clear turquoise waters are alive with coral reefs, rich in fish and underwater flora.

Life on Windermere, is simple, uncomplicated… The Windermere Island Club provides many ways for families and friends to come together. The Atlantic coast with wide, unspoiled beaches, serves as a relaxing but powerful magnet to the sea, while the calm waters of Savannah Sound are a hub for both passive and active recreation. Water activities are legendary, including boating, fishing, swimming and so much more. Entire days, could be easily consumed by exploring and sharing in the island’s natural beauty.

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· The Windermere Island Club Waterfront Property
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