Windermere's beauty remains unspoiled. Our homesites retreat away from vision, away from the shore and below the swaying palm tree canopies. The balance of protecting the natural beauty of the island, and the privacy of homes, go hand in hand. Homes face east toward the sunrise of the Atlantic Ocean or west toward the sunset of the protected sanctuary of Savannah Sound. A select few properties offer both views.

Windermere is a remote out-island, yet only a short drive from two international airports on Eleuthera. An early departure from Boston or London could have one reach the beaches of Windermere, in time for lunch or dinner. Families which measure the value of a destination in terms of man-made services will want to seek their vision elsewhere. For the few who choose Windermere, will enjoy something rare and unspoiled... a natural sanctuary to safeguard forever.

For available property information, contact Windermere Island Club.
· The Windermere Island Club Waterfront Property
· The Windermere Island Club Home