In searching for something genuine and timeless, a place for family and friends, we came across a pristine isle, secluded from the world, easy to reach and impossible to forget.

Windermere Island Club is reserved for those who are seeking a family oriented preserve, wishing to create their own traditions on Windermere Island. The members of Windermere Island Club are custodians of a small conservation project on the pristine Island of Windermere, Eleuthera, Bahamas, enlisting like minded individuals who share the same values. The management of Windermere Island Club seeks preservation of the Island and community by actively succeeding in green redevelopment of the Club's properties. Extraordinary care is and will be taken to preserve and nurture the environment, enriching the out-island experience.

For available property information, contact Windermere Island Club.
· The Windermere Island Club Waterfront Property
· The Windermere Island Club Home